Bona Anima Mali Zmaj "Anima"

  • SE37570 / 2015
  • Born: 140618
  • Mother: JR 72434Ptp SrbCh Lollipop Mali Zmaj,
  • Father: JR72677Ptp INTCH, ISPU Ch, Champion in Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovkien, Croatia, Austria, Hungary: Casanova Mali Zmaj
  • Patella: performed 1/6-16 U.A.
  • Eye irritation: performed 4 / 10-17 U.A, 1 / 6-16 U.A
  • Mentality: BPH m shot performed 28 / 5-16 with approved result.
  • Size: 28 cm
  • Weight: 4.2kg

Anima came to us June 2015. 160924 came her first litter, when Anima thinks she is born princess, it became natural to give the litter the name so the Princess litter was there and two female puppies one of them stays with us.

Exhibitions: Anima has so far received titles like Serbian Junior Champion, Junior Champion in BIH, and Srpska

Sweden: Excellent x11, Very Good x7, CK x8, CERT x 1, R-cert x3

Placements: JUNKK 1, UKK 1x2

Denmark: Excellent x3, ver good x 1, CK x2, R-cert x 1, R-CACIB 1ggr

placements: UKK 1x2, BTKL 2.

Norway: Excellent x1

placements: JUNKK 1

Holland: Excellent x1

placements: Btkl 3,

Anima got her swimming license card at the end of 2016 and started swimming in the hall with her friends. We are calling for full.

Anima is a gentle little lady. She believes she's a princess and princesses are not in need of working, but it's good enough to be cute. We are continuously training and she is making progress all the time.


SECH, DKCH, RLDN, Anjediamond`s Ruby

  • Reg: SE32458 / 2015
  • Born: 150506
  • Mother: SE57877 / 2012 Rock N Bark Crash Diet,
  • Father: RKF2079352 JWW -08, INTCh, SeCh, HuCh, LtCh, Multatuli On The Top
  • Patella: 4 / 10-17 U.A
  • Eye contact: 4 / 10-17 U.A
  • Mentality: BPH m shot performed April 1, 2017
  • Size: 30 cm
  • Weight: 5.8kg


Sweden: puppy class HP x3, excellent x 11, ck x 6, cct x 4, rcctx1 cacib x 2 rcacib x 1

placements: puppy class 1 x3 BTKL 2 x1, JUNKK 1, JUNKK 4, BIRx1, BIMx2, Btkl 1x1, Btkl 2x1, Btkl 3x2,

Norway: very goodx1

Placements: BOB puppy.

Denmark: Excellent x4, Very Good x2, CK x2, CERTx2, CACIBx2

placements: JUNKK 1x1, JUNKK 2x1, Btkl 1x1, BTKL 4x1, BIMx1

Holland: excellent x 2, rec.cac x1, cacib x2

CRUFTS Qualified to 2017.


Bonnie is our first born own bitch. Her mother is Bella. "Rock N Bark Crash Diet", her father is Multatuli On The Top RKF 2079352 he lives in Norway. Bonnie was very small when she was born but already a fighter and very stubborn so she has grown herself and is a tough little lady. We look forward to being able to follow her through life, she has already shown what she is doing for the exhibition ring and in 2017. She has begun to compete in Rallylydnad and right now we are in the continuing class.

Bonnie is planning to breed winter 2017 now at the next run


SECh, SRBCh, HUCh, Alisa Mali Zmaj

  • Reg: SE49472 / 2016
  • Born: 140423
  • Mother: JR72435Ptp SRBCH INTCH ROCH GRCH Lotus Mali Zmaj,
  • Father: JR72682Ptp SRBCH Thenicans Xpose
  • Patella: 4 / 10-17 U.A
  • Eye contact: 4 / 10-17 U.A
  • Mentality: BPH m shot done April 1, 2017.
  • Size: 27cm
  • Weight: 4,8kg

Titles: Serbian Champion, Hungarian Champion, Swedish Champion, CRUFTS Qualified 2017.

CACIB x3, missing one available after 6/6-17

Missing 1 Cert / CAC in Croatia to become a champion there.


Sweden: Excellent x3, Very Good x5, CKx2, Cert / cac x1

Placements: Btkl2 x1


Good x1,


Excellent x2


Excellent x3, CK x2, R-cert / cac x2,

placements: Btkl 2x1, Btkl 3x1

Alisa is full of energy, like her mother. Alisa has started swimming and thinks this is a different experience but swimming calmly and sensibly. Alisa does not want to miss something and therefore travels like an irrpinne sometimes but for the second time she is on her back and just enjoying the proximity she gets. She likes to hug and you really feel how she takes her nostrils around her neck, absolutely wonderful.

Alisa is planning a pair of Multatuli Double On The Top now at the next race.


Anjediamond`s Princess Jasmin

  • Reg: SE53454 / 2016
  • Born: 160924
  • Mother: SE37570 / 2015 Bona Anima Mali Zmaj
  • Father: SE26709 / 2014 SECh DKCh, Camalis High And Hope.
  • Patella: will be made no earlier than 2018
  • Eye contact: No earlier than 2018
  • Mentality: BPH is performed no earlier than spring 2018
  • Size: expected size 28 cm
  • Weight: approx. 5kg


Sweden: Puppy class: BOB m HPx 3, 3rd group finale, 25 / 2-17

Excellent x 6, CKx2, R-Cert / Cac x1,

Placements: Btkl 3x2,


Best Puppy m HP x2

Excellent x1, CKx1, Btkl 3x1, R-Cert / cac x1,

Becka is a lovely girl with good temperanment, she is curious and likes training. Full island of the day but in the evening she would like to crawl up and fall asleep next to us on the couch. Chew bones are favorite sweetheart and these are very alert.

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